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My career mapping service is designed to guide you through self-discovery in order to help you find fulfilment in your life and career.

This service is available to all individuals aged 15+ who want support in understanding themselves better in order to make informed and beneficial career decisions.

Organisations may also choose to deploy this service within their organisation to help with growth - to have the right bums on the right seats, to help employees with career decisions or for a restructuring programme.

What is career mapping?

Career mapping and planning is mostly about exploring your skillsets, personal interests, goals and ambitions in order to discover the opportunities and pathways that could await you in your future career.

I have a particular passion for supporting young people to realise their aspirations. Career options are wide ranging. People don’t have to take the traditional routes to access a wide range of jobs that are available in the many sectors that operate throughout the UK.

Find my future career
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What does a career mapping report look like?

The career mapping assessment involves psychometric questions to highlight your skillsets and questions around your interests and preferences to narrow down the industries, organisations and specific roles that might suit you. All of this data is then translated into graphs and summaries that raise awareness and aspirations to help every individual discover the right career journey for themselves.

But I don’t need to just tell you what’s involved, I can show you! Use the button below to download a copy of the sample report to see all different types of information that can help give you the confidence to make life and career altering decisions.

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Every individual is given my full attention and lifelong access to the online tools I use so that they can explore their options and feel empowered to achieve their goals and aspirations. When you use my career mapping service, this is what you can expect in return:

Develop Personal and Professional Branding

Understanding and developing a personal ‘brand’ is a great way to position yourself in your career, whatever stage you’re at. Take your greatest attributes and let them shine!

Achieve Personal and Professional Fulfilment

By going through this process of self-discovery, you can realise a huge range of talents and aspirations so that ultimately you can enjoy a fulfilling life.

Understand Self and Values

What’s important to you? What do you need individually to enjoy a fulfilling career? No two people are the same, and understanding exactly what it is that makes you, you is the foundation of your career mapping.

Understand Skill Sets

Psychometric testing gets straight to the core of where your skills lie, but this goes beyond just whether you are creative or logical, prefer words or numbers or physical tasks. You might have skillsets you never even realised.

Develop Aspirations

As they say, the sky’s the limit. Wherever you see yourself in the future, together we can work out what success and fulfilment really means to you. This could be an aspiration for just six months down the road, two years, five years, or even ten years or more.

Enhance Decision Making Abilities

Making big decisions about your career can be daunting, but career mapping can help you process lots of abstract data and ideas you might never have consciously explored. At the end of the process, you will have the ability to make informed and confident choices about your future.

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