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Learning and development has been widely accepted as critical to implement within an organisation.

Think Richard Branson: “What if I train them so well they leave? What if I don’t train them and they stay?” We’re seeing more automation in the workplace, providing more time for skills to emerge and more time for people to develop as individuals.

This service consists of rigorous training needs analysis, innovative design and stimulating delivery.

Management & Leadership

Once, first time managers and directors were left to sink or swim. It’s time to change that and ensure they have access to all the learning and coaching that will help them to become an inclusive leader who can effectively manage people and know what their skills gap is.

This can be offered as group sessions for your management teams or on a 1:1 L&D program.

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Online and flexible

Online training for employees at a time that fits in with work or after their working day is often a great way to help aid progress. I offer webinars that can be accessed at a time to suit the individual OR at windows within the day that are good for the business and team members.

Whether it’s e-learning for individuals or tutor led groups, this offers a great way forward in today’s working environment.

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Bespoke for your business

Bespoke training is good for the individuals within your business AND the actual business. Start the conversation about what goals you need to hit and a bespoke course can be developed.

I will work with you to develop personalised learning that fits in with the goals and aspirations of the individual, integrating coaching and mentoring time into daily and weekly routines.

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People and individuals are always at the forefront of any bespoke training or business development programmes I put together because it’s people who make a business. When you use my learning & development services, this is what you can expect in return:

Improving Employee Engagement Levels

The success of my learning and development programmes are as much in their delivery as their content. Making sure employees are engaged and stimulated throughout their training helps give them the enthusiasm and inspiration to implement their learning and reach their full potential.

Improved Performance

Consistent training and mentoring of staff gives your business consistent room to grow and avoid stagnation. Positive development of employees and leadership can only ever lead to positive development of the business itself.

Improved Customer Service

Happy employees lead to happy customers. In both 1:1 and group sessions, I work with customer service staff individually to allow their own personalities to boost the level of service they provide to customers, bringing a personal touch with outstanding results.

Developing Leadership Skills

Even for those with a natural talent for it, successful leadership is something that is learned. By making sure any leadership and management roles can access the learning and training they need, all employees in their team can enjoy the benefits of boosted performance and engagement.

Improvements in Customer & Staff Retention

People like to feel invested in. Taking the time to train and develop staff will help bring a satisfaction and happiness that they in turn can bring to your customers.

Better Coaching & Mentoring Skills

You don’t need to rely on me to coach or train every member of staff until the end of time. If you are regularly training staff I can help your management to develop their own coaching and mentoring skills, bringing your business longevity and efficiency.

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