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What can you expect when you sign up for coaching with me?

Since my coaching is bespoke for every client I work with, what you get out of it could be anything you want or need. We work together in 1:1 or group sessions to establish the specific areas you want to work on, and then I go away and develop a coaching programme just for you. For clients so far this has included:

  • Bringing clarity and order out of chaos
  • Delivering new perspectives
  • Creating new pathways, frameworks and strategies to develop
  • Understanding who you are
  • Finding focus, coherence and accountability
  • Having a professional confidant to support the most important issues facing CEOs and business leaders

Emotional Intelligence

It’s important to develop emotional intelligence (EQ) within an organisation for many reasons. Individuals who have EQ achieve objectiveness through their self-awareness, which promotes productive, motivated, and equal workplaces.

In my coaching, I refer to scientific journalist, author and psychologist Daniel Goleman’s five components of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social skills. I often refer to empathy as a ‘super-power’ or ‘signature strength’ that can be measured and developed and is often the key differentiator between ‘good’ and ‘great’ leaders.

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Want to know a little more?

If the idea of Emotional Intelligence has caught your interest, I would highly recommend reading Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence theory in full. Another book I advocate and complements many of my coaching and training programmes is The EQ Edge. I also have a great summary article on Emotional Intelligence in my blog, but if you’re wanting to go even further then why not get in touch today?

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I put transforming people at the centre of my coaching and training programmes, because transforming people is vital to successfully transform an organisation. With any of my 1:1 or group coaching services, this is what you can expect to gain:

Improve Individual & Team Performance

This is often the number one goal and so it’s the number one result. Together we take a step back, assess what is working and what isn’t, and then work out the solutions needed for you and your business to reach their full potential.

Improve Clarity of Thinking and Decision Making

Identifying your key skills, building your confidence in using them in new ways, giving you the tools and processes you need to find solutions in problems and make the right decisions for both you and your business.

Enable Successful Role Transitions

Change isn’t always easy. From new inductions to adjustments in leadership and management, my coaching provides individuals and organisations with practical guidance on how to successfully adjust and develop the people who make your business what it is.

Boost Morale & Improve Relationships

Developing emotional intelligence can help you achieve goals and targets, but very importantly it can also help teams to bond and make a happier and healthy workplace.

Develop and Achieve Goals

Creating and achieving goals should be more to an organisation than just ticking boxes. Together we can work to develop goals that have purpose and accountability, and help you take important steps and make the key decisions that will help you achieve them.

Develop Problem Solving Skills

Sometimes we simply can’t see the wood for the trees. In my coaching programmes I will help you find tools and methods to approach problems from different perspectives, unlocking your own talents and working out how to use them effectively and with confidence.

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